Tax Services

TCF provides individual and corporate tax services.

Individuals – Federal Income Tax

1040 X – Amended Returns
Schedule C – Small Business

Corporate – Federal Income Tax

C-Corp – 1120
S-Corp – 1120 S
Partnership and LLC – 1065
Non – Profits

Additional Tax Services

State Income Tax reporting
1099 Filing and Reporting
W-9 Administration and verification
Sales and Use Tax returns
Business Property Tax Returns
Payroll Tax Returns

Bookkeeping Services

Financial Statement Preparation

Budgeting & Forecasting

Business Reports

Compensation insurance reporting

Cash Flow Management

Fixed Asset Inventory Management

Accounts Receivables

Accounts Payable

Business Services

In addition to tax and bookkeeping services, TCF helps with other critical business needs.

Selling Your Business

There is no more important decision for a business owner than when they decide to sell their company. TCF has the experience to guide you through the valuation process and how to maximize the sales price.

TCF provides support every step of the way from valuation, supporting due diligence and developing negotiation/financing strategies.

We know what buyers look for in an acquisition and we can help put together a complete and accurate presentation that gives buyers a solid understanding of your business.

Bank Loans

Many small businesses often look to banks for financing, but do not understand the process or what is expected of them. TCF will work with you to develop a plan so that when we walk into the bank together to tell your story, we will have all the bank’s questions about your business already answered.

We know the questions the bank’s will ask and what they are looking for. We can help walk you through the process and prepare you to discuss your business.

Going in prepared with information we know the bank is going to ask for will greatly improve your chances of getting a loan.

Information System

TCF can help with the selection, installation and administration of software and computer systems. TCF will also work with you to develop content for your website and help monitor the development process.


TCF can help identify voice and data solutions for your business. We will work with you to understand your needs and help you decide on a solution that solves your needs at the right price point.

Human Resources

TCF provides Human resources services to help with payroll and recordkeeping compliance.

Many small businesses are too busy running day to day operations and overlook this vital aspect of running a business. Federal, State and local governments take compliance seriously and you do not want to be caught off guard should they decide to pay you a visit!

We can assist in the development of Employee Handbooks, job descriptions, safety manuals and compliance reports.

Asset Management and Tracking

Almost every business uses some type of equipment and correctly tracking it and accounting for it is critical to the success of your business.

Properly tracking equipment is important for many reasons.

TCF can help with identifying assets, photographing them and applying asset tags for tracking the location, use and write-offs for business property.