TCF provides complete tax, bookkeeping and business services to individuals and business owners to allow them to concentrate on their business.

TCF offers a wide range of services to suit your business needs. Think of us as your accounting department. TCF can handle daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual tasks associated with running the tax and bookkeeping aspects of your business.

Based on the level of service desired, TCF can take your monthly records and produce presentation quality financial statements or do all the bookkeeping work needed for your business.

TCF does not bill on an hourly basis, but charges a flat monthly fee for services performed so there are no hidden surprises when you receive your bill each month. If you have a busy month and a larger than normal number of transactions, TCF gets the work done and you don’t worry about incurring additional costs for the increased workload.

It is our goal at TCF to help you manage and grow your business. Our success is measured by your success.

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Making a business successful starts with record keeping and financial accountability. However the work associated with these tasks can be time consuming and take an owner away from the primary goal of growing their business. That is where TCF comes in.

Top 10 mistakes small business owners make.

  1. Co-mingling business funds with personal funds.

  2. Failure to obtain proper licenses from local government where the business is located.

  3. Not collecting W-9 forms and issue 1099’s to independent contractors.

  4. Failing to remit payroll taxes on time to the IRS.

  5. Paying cash for company expenses and not obtaining proper receipts.

  6. Not keeping proper mileage logs for the use of a personal auto in the business.

  7. Claiming incorrect square footage for business use of a home.

  8. Not remitting use tax when goods are purchased from out of state sellers and using those items in the business.

  9. Not using a software program to properly track business income and expenses.

  10. No recordkeeping system for invoices paid and customer payments.